PINTA IIPPAA  - It's a West Coast styled Double IPA. What does it mean? The beer has to be intensively hopped. It should be very bitter and dry. To make sure our IIPPAA has a rich citrus aroma, We have used DryHopnik. It's a special system of crushing the hop granulate and its circulation over the course of beer aging. Double dry-hopping and a short period of aging make the beer fresh and aromatic.

Recipe: Paweł Masłowski & Michał Cebula & Ziemowit Fałat

Ingredients: water; barley Weyermann® malts: pale ale, Pilsen; sugar; hops (US): Simcoe®, Citra®, Columbus, Falconers Flight®; yeast: Fermentis SafAle™ US-05.

All ingredients for PINTA are delivered by Browamator® (

Pasteurized, filtered beer.

Recommended glass: Pinta shaker
Recommended temperature: 7-9°C
Food pairing: onion rings, beef steak


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