Modern Drinking is everything we know about West Coast IPA in one bottle. Whilst picking hops in Yakima Valley (USA), brewers from Portland have only one rule. We have decided to use it and we have used enormous amounts of aromatic Mosaic™ hops – the biggest part have been used whilst the last fifteen minutes of boiling (hopping). As many hops as for boiling on aroma, we have used whilst doing dry-hopping.

Recipe: Ziemowit Fałat

Ingredients: water, barley malts: Weyermann®: pale ale, Carapils®; hops (USA): Mosaic™; yeast: Fermentis US-05.

All ingredients for PINTA are delivered by Browamator®.

Beer is pasteurized and unfiltered. 
Available in 0,5l bottles and 30l kegs.

Recommended glass: Pinta snifter
Recommended temperature of serving: 8-9 °C
Recommended food to pair with the beer: chowder, grilled sandwiches, pancackes with maple syrup.


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